For many of us watching calories is important. After all to many calories causes weight gain which can lead to many types of heart problems. So yes, it's important to watch those dreaded calories. But consider this. Watching our sodium might just be not only as important, but can actually cause more weight gain than the actual calories you were trying to avoid.

Sodium, which is a vital element to good health is hidden in our diet in so many ways. A balanced diet should have not less then 500 millagrams of sodium per day and no more then 1500 millagrams. So how does it seem to get away from us. Simple, Many of the diet foods and drinks cut down calories and in doing so they supliment the flavor factor by adding other items. Extra sodium, chemical sugars, preservatives just to mention a few. It's no seceret that fast food is loaded with all kinds of sodium. But make no mistake, a fast food salad in most cases has a tremendos amount of sodium. It's not in the lettuce or the tomatoes or even in the cucumbers. It's in the salad dressing. The hidden sodium. Look before you leap. Take the time to read whats in thoses dressings.

When chosing items that will help you in loosing weight. Really take a good look at the lables. Sometimes it's smarter in choosing to add a couple of calories and have a better natural flavor then to add sodium and chemicals which leads to water retention in the body as well as weight gain due to complications. Remember it's your heart that matters and only you can make the right choices.

Diet food companies are not your friend. Their in it to make a profit and quiet frankly keeping you healthy is not their concern. The answer is to choose natural foods that you can prepare taking control of the amout of calories and sodium.

The time you take now in preparing your foods will lead to a longer life
as well as a healthy life.
Calories Verses Sodium