This is a list of where you can buy hard to find Ingredients for all of the recepies on our site.
We do not have any affiliation with these stores or Brands but do recommend them for their Quality and Excellence of products.
Item                                                     Brand / Market
Item                                                     Brand / Market
Baking Powder - no salt      Ener-G ( 800-331-5222)
Baking Soda - no salt

Chicken Broth - low sodiumTrader Joe's
    (15 calories & 70mg sodium) per cup
Emeril's Original Essence (BAM)Local Supermarket
Beans  -  No salt added - low sodium365 label / Whole Foods Market
Black Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Pinto Beans
Hamburger Bun - Low Carloie     Local Market
  (Oroweat Sandwich Thins)
Maple Peacan Cluster Cereal      Trader Joe's
Vegenaise - Mayonnaise   Follow Your Heart
(Dairy free, Egg free) (made with grapeseed oil)    (Purchased in refrigerator section                                                                                                   of your market or Health Food Store)
Old Bay Seafood Seasoning Local Supermarket
No Salt Seasoning (Organic)Kirkland / Costco
Salad Dressing
Maple Fig          Maple Grove Farms (30 Calories/ 0 Sodium)
Raspberry & Balsamic       Consorzio (15 Calories & 10mg Sodium)
Salmon Seasoning              McCormic Grill Mates / Costco
Tomatoes - No salt added  Hunts

Tomatoes,  Diced - No Salt added   Trader Joe's
  Plum - No Salt added

Tortilla Chips - un-salted              Trader Joe's
Tuna - Albacore - low sodium       365 label / Whole Foods Market
These ingredients are what is used to formulate our low sodium recipes. They do make a difference in that amount of sodium in your daily diet.
Olive Oil Spray                                  Local Supermarket / Trader Joe's
Vegetable Broth / Stock - low sodiumTrader Joe's
    (20 calories & 140mg sodium) per cup
Almond Milk                            Pacific Natural Foods / Trader Joe's
(60 calories & 140 sodium) per cup
Arrowroot    Local Market / Health Food Store
Bread - Low SodiumEzekiel / Trader Joe's                                                                                                     / Local Supermarket
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Baking Powder               Hain-Featherweight / Local Super Market   (Sodium Free / Gluten Free 
Herbes de ProvencePenzeys Spices / Local Supermarket
Aromatica Organic Salt-Free Seasonings    Barbeques Galore
All Purpose Poultry
California Herb
Lemon Pepper Seafood
Mesquite Grilling      661/284-6880
No Salt Hot & Spicy
Northern Italian
Roasted Garlic   
Your local grocerie store
Soy Protein Powder (Trader Darwin's)          Trader Joe's