Either dried blade or ground. It is the bright red outer covering of the nutmeg seed.  Taste like and has the aroma of nutmeg. Goes well in desert items, spiced cakes, cookies, custards and stewed fruits. Used with apples, peaches & plums. Also goes well with cabbage, potatoes and vegetables as well as meats and in soups and in stews.

Part of the mint family. Fresh sprigs, dried whole leaves or crumbled dry. Similar taste to Oregano. Gray green leaf also similar to Oregano. Used primarily for flavoring beef, fish, pork, chicken. Marjoram's flavor is very subtle and needs to be added at the end of cooking. Can be used in place of Oregano for a more mild taste.  Used also with eggs, vegetable dishes, soups, stews, tomato sauces. 

Green in color, there are over 30 varieties of mint. Peppermint & Spearmint being the most widely known. Mint has a strong,sweet and intense flavor with a cool after-taste. Used for mint jelly served with lamb, sprinkled in beans, corn, peas, and potatoes, salad dressings, tea, marinades. used with an assortment of deserts, apple pie, chocolate, chocolate candies.

Mustard - Mustard Seed:
From the broccoli family, two main types of mustard, white and brown. Strong Spicy flavor, used in meats, fish, poultry, sauces, gravies and dressings. Seeds used in pickling and boiling vegetables. Many types of mustard in flavor produced, hot, sweet, sour, can be used in many types of cooking. Important to taste the different varieties and choose what you like in your dishes.

Best used whole and grated as needed to preserve flavor. Usually added to deserts such as eggnog, puddings, used as a baking spice for cakes, cookies, fruit pies, muffins. Can also be used in main dishes, chicken, fish, sausage, veal, soups and some vegetables.

Member of the mint family and related to both Marjoram and Thyme. Green leafy in color, used as a powder or ground. Important to grind in your hands to release the oils before sprinkling.  
Widely used in Italian cooking flavoring tomato sauces, fried vegetables, grilled meats, pizza. Used in tomato dishes, eggs, beef, chicken, lamb, pork. Also used in Greek, Mexican and Mediterranean cooking. Mixes well with olive oil, garlic, basil to flavor a large variety of foods.

Made from mild dried pepper. Bright Red color, Paprika flavor can be very mild to very hot. Main flavoring  used in Hungarian cooking such as Goulash, Chicken Paprikash.  Used as garnish on hard boiled eggs, potato salad, fish, cheese, vegetables. Used as flavor on chicken, shellfish, sausage dishes, oil or butter.

Two common types of parsley, Italian flat leaf and curly leaf. Flat has a stronger flavor and adds more flavor to cooking. Curly is best for a garnish. Has a celery flavor. Parsley is an herb and goes well in soups, cream & tomato sauces, salads, dressings, vegetables, chicken, meats, fish,shellfish, melted garlic butter.
Parsley should be crushed by hand  before adding to foods.

Parsley, Marjoram & Thyme make a good substitute for salt by mixing 1 tablespoon each. Dried Parsley flakes, dried Marjoram and dried Thyme crushed and mixed together either by hand or in a herb grinder.

Lemon Grass:
Straw like appearance, lemon flavor, Goes well with chicken, fish and shellfish, soups, sauces. Ground fresh lemon grass is added to curry pastes. flavor is brought out  when cooked over low heat.

Lemon Balm:
Fresh sprig, Sweet and fresh lemon flavor. Used with fresh fruits, summer soups and salads and to flavor sweet drinks.

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All recipe's should be made as written the first time you make them. By doing so you will find out what the meal was intended to taste like by it's creator. It is important to understand that adding spices is not only a good thing, 
but also could be a culinary disaster. 
So experiment and learn what your individual tastes are.
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