It is said, spices are the spice of life. It is important to understand and know what spices taste like and what they are used for. All of the recipe's you find, weather on our site of somewhere else will always need to be adjusted to your personal liking. That means your own taste. Except for Salt, you can mix and match spices to achieve the flavors you enjoy the most, therefor creating a meal you will truly enjoy...
          Spice         Appearance Taste        Use
All recipe's should be made as written the first time you make them. By doing so you will find out what the meal was intended to taste like by it's creator. It is important to understand that adding spices is not only a good thing, 
but also could be a culinary disaster. 
So experiment and learn what your individual tastes are.
Ground - Reddish Brown in color. Tastes like Cinnamon, Cloves & Nutmeg.
Allspice is mostly used  in dessert items, meats & sauces.
Whole Seeds or Ground. Brownish Gray in color. Tastes like Licorice.
Anise is mostly used for Cakes, Cookies & Seafood
Whole Leaves, Green in color. Minty,Clove like aroma, has many different varieties - Cinnamon, lemon & anise, Works well with garlic, oregano & thyme. Basil is mostly used in chicken, fish, shellfish, lamb pasta, tomato dishes, cheese, eggs. Crushing the dried leaves with your hands releases the flavor.
Bay Leaves:
Whole leaves, Green in color, Sharp bitter flavor. Mostly used in stocks, meat beans stews, roasts, wild game dishes. (Must be removed from dish before serving)
Small Berry, Greenish in color, Sharp piquant spicy flavor, Carpers are mostly used for salad dressings, fish sauces, fish, lamb, beef, chicken, eggs, cheese, pasta sauces, tomato salads.
Seeds, Ground, Greenish in color, Sweet flavor, similar to cinnamon. Cardamom is used for coffee, cakes, cookies, apples, pumpkin, curries, sweet potatoes, winter squash.
Caraway Seeds:
Seeds, Tannish Brown in color, Nutty-Licorice flavor, Used to enhance rye bread, cooked vegetables,Cole slaw, potato salad, eggs, soups.
Ground, Reddish in color, Exceedingly hot chili pepper taste, Add heat to any dish, meats, stews, eggs, cheese dishes, Use sparingly.
Fresh Sprig or Dried, Sweet herb with a celery licorice-tarragon taste. Used for scrambled eggs, cheese, fish, shellfish, chicken, steaks, string beans, tomatoes.
Chili Powder:
A blend of ground chili peppers, cumin, oregano, coriander, cloves & garlic. Can range from mild to extremely hot. Used  in Southwestern & Mexican style cooking, eggs, shellfish, cheese dishes, beans, meat stews, soups.
A bright green, long, hollow thin stem. mild taste, onion & garlic flavor, goes well with fish, shellfish, eggs, salads, cream soups, sauces.
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